Good Books Lift You!

Good Books Lift You!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Review: I Will Go With You: The Flight of a Lifetime

I Will Go With You: The Flight of a Lifetime I Will Go With You: The Flight of a Lifetime by Priya Kumar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had earlier read Priya Kumar's book "I am another you" by chance and really liked it. I happened to chance upon this book of hers recently. The abstract seemed to indicate that the story borrows from the tragedy of the MH 370 flight which is still to be traced. This did make me a little uncomfortable considering that there is a sense of unease and lack of closure associated with flight MH 370. I did go ahead with the read with my previous experience of her book in mind.

This book does use a flight situation as the background. However, this setting is used as a philosophical setting by some of the passengers to explore their inner most feelings around their loved ones, problems, achievements, and indeed life's meaning itself. The pilot is depressed and is considering ending his life. He accidentally sets off a chain of horrific events on the aircraft. The book is simple and unpretentious - and that is what I liked about it the most. The philosophy borrows from Indian beliefs and some liberties are taken.

For people who have already read more deeper Indian religious and philosophical work, the book does not provide anything very new. However, a flight story and the stress of the passengers and the pilots makes this book an easy. I certainly recommend it - it is a feel good book with the right messages

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