Good Books Lift You!

Good Books Lift You!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Review: The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know The Devil You Know by Louise Bagshawe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A brutal crime fuelled by greed sees two parents killed, but their triplets (girls) survive quite by chance and luck helped a little by the dying mother. The criminal ensures they are separated and the crime is camouflaged as an accident.

While Rose Fiorello and Poppy Allen grow up in Australia, Daisy Markham grows up in London. Their interests are different – but the zeal to succeed in their respective professional areas is common to them.

Rose Fiorello enters the real estate business, and is also driven by a hatred for Rothstein Realty. She quickly finds the right contacts, and her imagination and foresight ensures she is successful very quickly.

Poppy Allen wants to be a rock star, but later realizes she is better off managing bands. After some time she launches her own management firm.

Daisy Markham has her insecurities, but finds her niche in writing novels, becoming a bestselling author.

All three are very successful, and all of them find love. It is quite by chance that they meet, and as it turns out, they have strikingly similar looks. A desire to dig into the past seizes them.

The book does very well in establishing the personalities of Rose, Poppy and Daisy. A large part of the book deals with how they become successful and is interesting reading, though a little too long. The section devoted to covering how the three go about tracing their past is accorded very little space towards the end of the book and could have been much better.

Overall, certainly a recommended read.

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